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WOW! Now that was a memory to hold onto

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

So women who was sexually assaulted by trump over a decade ago has the dress she wore on the night in question with the semen stain from the night in quesiton.

This is a joke right? Is that DNA still testable and how does anyone know if it has been tampered with. Hell the nuts been sitting on a dress in a closet for over a decade.

Talk about a memory she wants to keep. One has to ask why. What might be the intentions of holding on to a cum stain for over a decade.

Lets assume it is Trumps semen, did she see this an a retirement opportunity and to use it as blackmail? If so we should be looking at her character - who would do that.

This is a joke to distract us all while our nations are being colonized by the Persian 4th Reich. Shit, Canada just institutionalized Sharia law while the patriots are screaming freedom.

What a joke. Get ready to take a knee your new master will soon be coming over the horizon.

This piece was inspired by this article

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