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Words are weapons or at least used as if they are by the left

The article bellow is a great example of how words are being used by the left to frame our perceptions, guide our interpretation, and contain our responses.

Culture is a powerful word and I am from a generation that used the term culture to sell the masses garbage clothing and trash music - urban culture. Just think about it. It was a marketing strategy and people conformed because they lacked critical thinking and independent thought.

Here we go again. The industry based war wants you to think riding a bike is a cultural totem. In actuality the only thing that riding a bike reveals is poverty. Around the world people ride bikes because they can't afford a car.

Only the senseless fools in the west would see it any different as they will buy the cultural claim. Stop buying anything and everything you are sold. People like this is the reason why those in the ivory towers think us to be fools.

I am for an open and competitive markets. So if someone can choose their gender why cant I choose my source of energy. Interesting how the that which does not offer options can be a choice yet that which comes with options only have options removed.

This is the great reveal for corruption along with a stupidity threshold test.

This piece was inspired by this article

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