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Why John Tory was really fired

We are living in the NWO but do people understand what that means. Some would like you to think that there is a secret society taking over the world. I have to ask, how much do you think people get paid to mislead the public?

Don't get me wrong I am not say there is not clubs of very wealthy people. Just think about for a moment. Neighborhoods are build along class line, particularly income.

Meaning executive of all types and leaders live in the same community and probably are neighbors who go to each others homes for stakes dinners on the weekend. You don't talk about your plans with friends? If your friends have access to resources do they not help you?

What I am trying to establish with this conceptualization of these social factions within the wealthy, like us, are going through a generational transition. The generational change is a high risk situation were the cool kids lose their sit at the head table.

John Tory's role as the mayor is an expression of such a transition, John Tory sits at the Persian 4th Reich table with the Aga Khan at it head. A socialist table that exploits interest groups in order to manipulate the general public into demand complex social change that is in the interest and desired outcome of and for the Reich.

Well I guess consciousness of Islam will no longer be spread with social actions in Toronto as the Aga Khan is coming to his day of judgement. With the end of him is the end of his influence by way of free money.

That is right ladies and gentlemen. All these sellout screaming woke cultural crap were doing so because of non-repayment loans. Their greed was pandered to by paying for their ignorance.

This free money is very interesting. The Khan, along with the Clintons and Soros, figured out how to lend money on a non-usury basis (no interest rate). They lent on a community basis.

As stated by the Aga Khan: "Unlike the competitors, we lend without any payment schedule or time refrains. Change can take up to 15 to 20 years". He is not lending to make a profit. He is lending seeking change and ignorance and greed is his greatest weapon.

Woke culture, which is interest groups, bound under the flag of civil society are his militants. Become such through community leaders selling their services of opportunity generation.

Repayment was through social actions leading to institutional pressures, facilitating complex social change, that revealed opportunities and utility of obtainment, That is right all you activists are Muppets acting out simply to repay the debt your community leaders took out on your heads.

Just think, you think, your acting out in your best interest with the intention of betterment. Ironically your actions are for the Persian 4th Reich pushing their agenda. The better was had by your community leaders who made away like thieves., holding you as their asset,

Sorry for the rant but people need to understand this. Also the frauds you think are influencing you into insight and truth are funded by that same Reich. You can lean more about it on The Why Perspective link on the on demand content page of Idiom Radio. Watch the 5 part series The Importance of Being Earnest.

Back to the subject of John Tory and this laughable resignation. There are new cool kids in town. The wealthy factions are in a war as the Persian 4th Reich failed to solidify hereditary control of the cultural and industrial sectors. Now they are all scrambling.

A great example of this scramble is Bill Gates, who is allied with the Aga Khan. It is the Khan's network of NGO's and not-for-profits that Mr. Gates pledged his wealth to in pursuit of the agenda. Mr. Gates also was the great reveal of failings when he had to divorce his wife in order to claw his wealth back.

This is an illustration of the fear of tomorrow these leaders hold. I would take this to indicate they are not leaders at all. Politics instead of competency is the tactics used to drive complex social change and the general populations demands for it.

It is time is time we stop marching to the Pied Pipers tune and this will and can be achieved in we drop our dependency on 3rd party intervention with ready made resolutions. It is like they have conditioned us into being everlasting children. Reduced us into domesticated obedient dogs, waiting for a master,

Do not for a second think the agenda changes. All we are seeing is new actors with a new approach. Just remember, there is 2 ways around a mountain but in the end you end up in the same position. This now is the second path to that same destination.

So heed the warning. This is not a change but rather a shuffling of the deck. Lets think about what we are going to be sold next. Greed and ignorance cause this mess lets not let it happen again.

They will always and forever be trying and John Tory's resignation is nothing more than the reframing, rebranding and characteristically redefining who is the tour guide marching you down what is perceived

as a different path around the mountain.

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Marianne Jones
Marianne Jones
Feb 13, 2023

OMG! We have so much to worry about,. Our businesses gone up in smoke,, livelihood and careers destroyed, inflation skyrocketing, interest rate on our mortgages doubled, family and friends ostracize us, children we used to know are now converted to the disease called TRANS, friends and acquaintances we used to respect have joined the psychosis of Mass Formation, blindly believing in absurd HOAXES and obvious lies. Too many people are Suddenly Dying for no apparent reason and no one wants to talk about it. So many people are developing high blood pressure worrying about a bunch of evil psychopaths. Canadians just found out that we can no longer buy even a low cost fixer-up property in another country, to …

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