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Why are Indigenous Canadians unifying with indigenous Russians?

Reconciliation appears to be an indirect method of tying the Canadian government with the Russian government and the indigenous are the scapegoat is failure of agenda is to occur.

This is why Canada was the marketer of the Russian, Ukraine conflict. If people only new that Canada, Russia, and Ukraine are all owned by the Persian 4th Reich.

This Russia Ukraine conflict is nothing more than Russia paying for a development debt and the stealing of food resources from Ukrainians, in the name of food securities.

The bombs are cheap clear for future development programs. We learnt in Syria, war allows for an ancient society history, heritage, and culture to be rewritten and developed anew.

Know you enemy and the strategy that drives action and expression. The indigenous are an active interest group funded by the Persian 4th Reich and they are tying us to our enemies.

For proof of claim you can watch The Why Perspective episode covering the document 'Corporate planning 2022'. A document from an international organization founded and ran by the Persian 4th Reich

Wake up and stop buy the propaganda. It is time for truth and proof.

This peice was inspired by this article

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