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Civil Society Pressuring Institutions Seeking Complex Change

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

If an institution is ran by someone who represents an ideological difference, in an oppositional manner. I ask, who would that social servant and by extension the institution work for?

Looking to identity. We all live in a hyphenated world. The question is which hyphen sit where in the hierarchy of identification. I will use my own identity. I am a Canadian first and foremost. Than I am Christian. Than I am British, French, etc.

This hierarchy or order of importance of identities conveys a sense of interest and intent, commitment and loyalties. What comes first? This is an important point of transparency. Who can your trust to be by your side and what is the threshold of enrollment of identification.

I will use Islam to highlight my point. There is Islam as a whole unified under a single banner. A good example of this is the Ummah and in application the organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Than there is Sunni and Shia.

At what point does one go from being a Muslim under the banner of the Ummah to divided as a Shia or a Sunni? What is your driver of enrollment and your threshold of commitment?

A civil servant, who holds identification enrollments and commitments that are in direct opposition to the state and the overarching culture. They may not be held as the primary or even with high regard but the fact is that the identity is there.

So at what point does enrollment transition and deviation of commitment is expressed. Do you believe they would be and could be responsible for and answer to the community members in opposition? Especially in a conflict orientation, as it is that which would lead to a transition of identification enrollment in the first place.

I fear that such ideological associations could pose a great threat. Who is the axes and who is the ally? If thrusted into a combat situation who would our military be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with? One of the identities of the defence minister is know as civil society.

To think someone could live in a nation represented by a military that would align with the enemy. In this case the enemy is masquerading colonial intent as aid driven interest, This would have our resources and brave men and women fighting for this civil society. Meaning that civil society has moved past the interest group militia to incorporate national militaries.

Civil Society is a network of interest group communities that work in unison to fracture a community into many factions. They are brought together by a family of networks that are header by the same individual that runs her community; if I'm not mistaken.

The pursuit of the lineage based master is hereditary control of the religious and secular authority, With a labour market that is rooted in volunteerism. What does that sound like. It sounds exactly like the pursuit of the German 3rd Reich. Not to mention this leaders grandfather was the leading companion to German war efforts in WW2. This is why I call him and is network of communities the Persian 4th Reich.

Inclusion is not about inclusivity. Diversity is a trojan horse using interest groups to pressure institution and resources seeking complex social change. When it comes to diversity to integrate is to conform and to change is to become something different. People do realize that no matter time or place diversity end in violent conflict.

If we are the leaders of today and change is need would that not mean we are being replaced. Quiet colonization, achieved with the efforts of civil society. Pressuring institutions, draining resources, and forcing complex social change.. With the Reich coming in as the management aid for said resources. The irony.

Well done Canada. Now our defence is in the hands of the enemy. Who will defend us now? Who protects us in the face of danger? Would we not be the enemy considering the conflict of identity and conformity. I guess if you are willing to kneel at his feet your new master will be a generous Master.

By the way the Persian 4th Reich owns all of Canada's institutions and resources. Seized through the claims of management. So I ask Canadians, do realize what your nation has become? Canada is not longer for us by use. We are not being replaced, We have already been replaced.

Welcome to new age colonialism realized through civil society pressure and strains leading to complex social change. Culture has been deemed a resource and as all resources it is to compete for dominance and supremacy. Colonized by our greed being pandered to by having our ignorance paid for.

I can only hope that my concerns of the risk and liabilities that can and may arise are not a possibility. I hope that if conflict were to occur I and those like me share the same enemy as the authority.

I want to end this with two quote from the Leader of the Persian 4th Reich:

'western ignorance and greed is my greatest weapon'

'women are the leaders of the Ummah'

Cost are many but the hope is high. For if I am right we have already lost.

This piece was inspired by this video

Canadian military struggling to deal with racism in the ranks: report | Watch (

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