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Who's care is to become affordable?

We are told that the replacement process that Canada and the west are going through is due to the fact that the domestic population is not breeding a replacement generation. So if we are not breeding who is in need of affordable child care?

Afford care for Canadians, based on claims, would be senior care. Interesting we offer no assistance to those who laid the paths that we trample on with little to no regard for what it took to lay them.

Beyond who is the affordability of care for, is the issue of economic structure. Is it time for a member of the family to stay home as a care giver. If you cannot afford care is it not time for restructuring? That restructuring being someone staying home and raising the most valuable item in your home.

Lets take responsibility for our own and instead of demanding we be enslaved through the labour market lets start screaming that we want a reduced cost of living so that we can have a parent remain at home.

If this isn't an option you want to explore you can always exploit the international labour market and import someone as a nanny. The exploitation of our immigration laws are being achieve each day through such processes.

This piece was inspired by this article

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