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Who do these Muppets work for

Our courts now represent now represent criminals instead of victims. This is corruption at the highest level and no one is asking the million dollar question - who is paying for this?

What does the constition say about victims being awarded justice through fair and just trial. This is a breech of justice by those who are there is stand for it and uphold it.

I guess we are now emulating Ecuador. They made gangs legal so that they could tell the public that the cost for murder trials is down. Murder is the highest it has been but under gang rule a violent act is not prosecuted. Are Canadians this dumb? While we whine and scream over an expression that is empty our nation is going through systemic complex change. This change will be the end of the world as we know it and not a sound.

Like I said is a revolution really a revolution is those your are revolting against are the ones funding and strategizing your revolt. Wake up Canada, we have reduced ourselves to subordinate puppets acting only when the strings are pulled.

The worse thing is that it is the ill intended that are pulling the strings.

Our military is being infiltrated by the enemy and now the police. Do Canadians not realize that we are losing our first and last line of defence. It is over. We have not only lost but we gave it all away. On a side note, is this our new flag? Validating my claim, we gave it all away and cheered while it was being taken and soon will thank the enemy for taking it. Get ready to take a knee you new master will soon be arriving,

This piece was inspired by this article

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