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Where is the domestic interest group to lobby?

This peice was inspired by an image I came across on Facebook. The bottom of the image makes claim of saving a race. I am lost by such claims being tied to images of Nazi's and Klan's members.

Nazi are not fighting for race but for structure. They are socialist pursuant of a centralized bureaucracy that acts as a cloak hiding hereditary control. Like the Wizard in Wizard of Oz smoke screens hide the true identity of ones master.

During WW2 they claimed dominance and supremacy of the Arian race. Ironically, Arian is not even white but is Persian. So why would Germans be scream Persian supremacy? I think we can tell who their master was or at least who was really at the helm.

Next is the Ku Klux Klan. The reason people see them as a racist group is due to the marketing achieved by Mr. Geraldo back in the 90's. The KKK's mark was the burning of a cross. What race is a cross? Christianity with the cross at their mark places all races as a Christian,

So the burning of a cross would be an attack on against a faith and not a race. Now does anyone know the conflict that has been going on for many generations between Christians and Protestants. The KKK is a protestant defence group when being pushed from the American landscape.

So I ask, what group stand for white western culture and the many nations that make it up? All interest group communities have their cultural centres and their faith based training centres. They even have lobbyist that pressure our leaders into complex social change.

Can anyone give me a group, organization, or NGO that works for the interests of the domestic populations. When I was a kid in grade school we were taught that our government represents the interest and voices of the domestic population. For this reason, interest groups are necessary to give a seat and voice at the government table of influence.

Now these interest group communities own these politicians and most are Muppets positioned for the interest of the interest groups. So I ask who speaks for us the people of this land or conquers of this land.

We are being conquered anew through institutional action and we do not even have a team playing in this cultural competition. I ask how are we to compete? As the outsider pressures into change we are present with images of our enemy but told this is us for not accepting change.

How is this not us being colonized and we are losing. Once again, who stands for us because a Nazi is the enemy of Western nations,; we did go to war against them and the clan is a faith based issue. I ask if the KKK can unify and mobilize maybe you can stand in our defence. A new faith is the driver of change.

This time it is Islam attempting to do the same extermination or silencing of anything not like them. They call it cultural competition but in reality it is cultural genocide and we cannot compete without a team. So what is the branding of the domestic team? Please let me know.

They fight for a structure and not a race. There is no interest group moderate or radical that stands for white western culture yet all others do, to a point of lobbying. We keep hearing about Nazi's and KKK. The truth is

This peice was inspired by this image

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