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When you on your last chance what is next - nightmares can turn into reality.

I hope the general population understands that this is the last shot by the left to exploit our democracy through the vote and next is a civil war across the Americas.

This is going to get ugly and ignorance and greed is what set the stage. America is about to be invaded from the south with the end of title. Canada is being invaded through false claims of displacement.

This is Islamic expansion and the social idiots are ushering in a new age of colonialism and to think they are doing this on empty promises of tomorrow.

To the indigenous community. You thought your efforts were to decolonized and you will soon see that you help others colonize you anew. If you though free institutions were bad you have seen nothing yet.

Islam through manipulation has us fighting ourselves as they did in WW2. They were the funding of the Nazi war machine as the Nazi were chasing an ideal that had Persian at the head. A Aryan is a Persian, not a European.

If it was about white supremacy why where the whites fighting the whites? Why were those with superficial differences secondary targets? Here is the truth, there are no white supremacy groups that stand for white power and that is why we are losing it.

A Nazi is a socialist who is like a guard dog of the Persians and the KKK is a protestant defence group. The only reason you see them as ignorant white supremist is by way of Geraldo and his media presentation.

Self preservation has been rebranded as hate with the white community and the market has shown our enemy how to frame our perceptions, guide our responses, and stimulate our expressions.

Right now the enemy has use killing ourselves from within and we are about to be colonized without a single shot fired. What happened to the day where people stood in defence of what is theirs.

Now we are living in a world with the dumb and dependent driving the social, political, and economical vehicle clear off a cliff. Bud Light is a great example of infiltration by the enemy and using triggers to stimulate people to attack self weakling self to a point that combat is not needed as a colonial tactic.

We are no longer fight in defence of statehood, identify, history, and heritage and freedom. We are now fighting to reclaim it. Take Canada, we no longer own the ground we walk on all that is taken from it and all that will be make with it. We no longer control institutions, nor the influence to direct interest and intent and by extension the services.

This was all given away to a foreign entity over the course of the last 4 decades. It is now China but China highlights my point. These politicians keep characterizing China as infiltrating our election through national actors and Canadians are buying it.

China is not interfering in our election, they own it as they are the second largest voting block in Canada. Our vote as Canadians really does not matter as it carries little weight. We allowed for a foreign nation to invade us and exploit our democracy and all these politicians know and knew it.

Now the interference is a rebranding game as not a single politician has suggested repatriating them. Ironically, the first active voting block in Canada is a Shia Islamic group who own the Chinese government through debt. China owes this Persian Islamic leader $60 trillion for the creation of the the new silk road trading route.

So our first and second act voting blocks are from hereditary based Islam and hereditary based China, with China being owned by the first through debt. Looks like we are not being conquered but have already.

The saddest part is that we are seen as nothing more geo political placement to gain striking distance to America and I say this confidently as it was directly stated to me through my interaction with the Chinese Chamber of commerce, as well as my interaction with the Islamic community.

That is our importance and value from the perspective of those who are taking us over. The interesting thing is that not a shot was fired in the quiet war of attrition and we cheered for our conquering at every stage under the guise of helping those in need.

To quote the enemy at the helm: "during times of social chaos education is our greatest weapon...we are pursuant of hereditary control of the cultural and industry sectors....with a labour market rooted in volunteerism.... we have figured out how to lend on a non-usury basis....the goal is to spread Islamic consciousness through institutional action".

Sounds like the Pied Pipers in traditional and digital media are marching the many of a cliff. We are swimming in a see of stupid and our life jackets were given to a Jihadi in the name of aid and not only did we cheer it on but we demanded that it be given away.

Well done and I guess our enemy is being validated when he stated: "western ignorance and greed is our greatest weapon".

We demand change and cheered it on, screaming I want it now and don't care who or what it cost. Turns out is cost us all everything. Thanks and well done you social idiots....You know who you are.

Good luck to all, you'll need it.

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