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When you don't know who the enemy is

Dave Chappelle is not on our side, does not share our ideology, does not share our identity, does not share our heritage, and most important is not part of us or our community.

He is an ally to the LGBT and trans community. He is actually exploiting the weakest group members within the legion of interest group woke culture militia, in order to rebranding self and community.

This is the game going on with the black community, branding in an attempt to disassociated with their allies. Another great example of this game being played on 'whitey' is Kanye West.

Kanye is not a fan of Nazi's. He has infiltrator the minds and hearts of 'whitey' and is now being instructed to use his influence to brand and label 'whitey' as a Nazi.

Who is it that call us Nazi's? The left. Know who these Court Jesters are working for.

We need to slow down on our need for a hero and stop allow for Court Jesters to fill the need.

This piece was inspired by this article

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