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When you can’t win the battle you exploit the system

How do you convince the public to be tolerant and accepting of mass migration into their nation? Better yet, how do you get them to pay for it?

Do you think the claim of labour shortages would help guide perspective of the greater public. Just think about it. A labour shortage would entail of change to lifestyle. But is it?

If people are paying attention to the migration patterns and refugees there is a surprising characteristic trend that emerges. It is not a superficial demographic trait that simplifies identification. Rather is it a psychographic trait that if not directly expressed would go unnoticed even to a keen well trained eye.

This trait is the identification and conformity to lineage based leadership; a master. Their commitment can be on a national or regional level but can also be on a spiritual and religious level. The latter being much more difficult to spot and raises greater risk and liabilities associated with enrollment.

Now I ask what utility can be found with the importation of such characteristic traits along with such loyalties. Take a moment and ponder this, who is the enemy of the globalist? Now if a national leader is a globalist, who is the enemy to the leader?

Would it not be the general population? More so, would it not be those who hold a strong identity relating to the national identity. So if globalism is the end-state, would there not be value in the importation of persons.

With them identifying as foreigners would that not help establish a globalist identity within them? With a globalist identity would that not guide their perspectives, influencing the culture that characterizes their newly formed identity, Motivating their behaviour to conform to the culture which institutionalized their identity.

Now expediting this process of identification and community through culture is when the foreigner’s homeland is destroyed by war. There is nowhere to turn. Nationalism is over in the hearts and minds of these people.

Syria is a great example of this process. A nation with a longer history than our recorded history was demolished with a murmur regarding the lost history, heritage, and culture. These people have lost one element of their identity; national. With a group of people who are now susceptible to the enrollment of an new identity. that being a globalist.

The value for the globalist elite of such person(s) is the fact that they not only have a malleable national identity, but they also hold loyalties and commitments to a master; hereditary leader. Furthermore, these are the people when a democratic election did not result in their favour their willingness to commence civil war has been proven to be a highly probable option.

I return to the question, when your leader is a globalist who is his enemy? Now I ask who is his ally? Or better yet how can companionship be generated? How can stakeholders be identified and enlisted?

How can you convince the general public to tolerate and accept them? more important, how do you get the general public to fund the invasion? War and lifestyle change.

Is it not illegal to hire a foreigner to do the job that a Canadian can render. Consider this legal reality, what is the utility for agencies and governments to claim such falsehoods. What efforts have been applied to inform Canadians of available occupations and positions? What stimulus efforts have been applied to encourage Canadian employment? What shortcomings or failures in efforts can be shown? If these question can be answered labour shortage is than synonymous with invasion by militia. Wake up because based on my research Canada is not at risk of being replaced, because we have already been. From institution to resources, we do not manage nor do we own. Canada is no longer for us or by us. We have been colonized by civil society.

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