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How the illegal becomes legal in the name of cultural acceptance

People are who they are and there is no going back now on identity per say. But, why is there a parade for what people do in the privacy in their bedrooms? To share those private activities is illegal. So how does the an illegal act be seen and accepted as legal. To share these private activities was once considered lude behaviour.

In this diverse world, I ask why is the domestic population being forced into making many concessions in the name of tolerance. We have been pushed to a point of fracture that the stage is set in this tribal landscape for shared rule, self rule, and limited rule.

This will level of cultural independence, tolerance, and acceptance will only deepen these identity based fractures, pushing us further and further apart; making the illegal legal. I ask, why are we willing to amendments our way of life and by extension ourselves, in the name of and in pursuit of the outsiders positioning and promoting differences.

Integration versus diversity. The latter, throughout history, no matter time nor place ends in violent conflict. Just take Africa as an example. They claim diverse societies but are in civil wars all the time. To think, the tribal deviation sits on a more complex cultural and structural level.

How might a shallow superficial variation be acted on by the other? We are all victims of the lowest common denominator that being superficial observations leading to reasoning. This positions the origins of identity to be rooted in such perceptual framework of difference.

If communities are unable to negotiate and mediate culture and structure and are willing to go to war with self over these elements. How simple might it be, for an ill intended interventionist to engineer social chaos and destruction out of superficial difference?

From the stand point of communications and targeted marketing, superficial framing of crisis is not limited to age or education. It is observable by all and understood within the simplest forms of reasoning. This superficial level of reasoning leads one to get lost in the details.

So framing ones perceptions, guiding ones responses, and stimulating ones expressions become a petty game of fools. Unfortunately this is do to the fact that such analysis and reasoning renders shallow and often empty notions of reality. Leveraging the opportunity to exploit such persons as drivers of complex social change.

This is achieved through the use of concepts and abstracts used in a persuasive manner. Stimulating the ability of the individual and by extension the community impose personal notions and ideas in order to fill the blanks. It is at this point that an ill intended interventionist can intervene with agenda based manipulation; as simple as using subjective feature(s).

Now, placed within a culturally competitive climate, these fracture based factions with the many lost in details and uncertainty, the lines that guide responses and stimulate expression can be blurred.

This blurring of response and expression through the framing of perception grants credence that will lead to a recharacterize of person, place, and thing. Allowing for the illegal to become illegal and the legal to appear illegal.

This ladies and gentlemen is how your perceptions have been framed, your responses are guided, and you expressions are being stimulating. Allowing for complex change to occur. I ask are you asking for change and if we are the leaders of today would change not mean the breakdown of such controls?

This peice was inspired by this video

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