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When the free money stops oh how people change

I find it amazing. These politicians, scientists, celebrities and influences have been around for years. They have persevered that same crisis's and we have watched our friend, families, and even strangers, buckle to the uncertainty of the future.

We all have to be asking where did all these voices opposition come from? They never talked against the narrative while it was strong and driving an agenda but now as that same narrative collapses our come the choruses in full bloom and volume,

Laughable at best. Do you really want to know what has changed, Can you handle such an insight. First, we must understand for complex social change to occur and be sustainable, it must be seen as coming by and for the people.

If changes occurs and fails to meet this condition of by and for the people it will only be met with resentment and hostility. Furthering this issue is the fact that the message of the outside is highly contagious and toxic to a given transition.

Now many see the narrative shift and changing of political and socio climate at a response to efforts of expression but in reality it unfortunately is not the case. The truth is that the one who has been funding this effort against the people is dying. Who and the complexity of the agenda goes beyond this piece but stay tuned to find out.

He is or even has reached his day of judgment and with the end of him comes the end of the community based non-repayment loans. From media, education to healthcare and even these Muppets he has positioned in politics, will not be receiving these endless steams of funds.

So when these ignorant and greed led frauds no longer are being paid to stand against us I guess now it is time to rebrand and play the hero; first is the victim than is the saviour. Ask yourself, how do you redefine at hero to be a villain and a villain to be a hero.

Think about it. The hero must stand over the villain waiting for justice to be served and beating the villain into defeat. Killing is not an option, so while the hero stand over the villain in victory be appears to be a oppressive villain, victimizing the villain. The key is the removal of context.

Next is the villain. The villain is a little more complex, as choices and expression prevent them from ever being defined as a hero. As stated in redefining a hero. A snapshot if taken at the right time makes the hero appear like a villain. Leaving the villain the victim,

We are watch the branding or defining of those who where will to sacrifice us all in the name of free money. Not free, in so much that this was non-usury loans to we as their communities were put up against the loans as capital.

The capital is gone so now it is time to play the victim and soon they will be able to position themselves as our saviors. Saviours for revealing the agenda they were paid to execute onto us.

I guess the Pied Piper cannot march the towns children off the cliff if the Pied Piper passes prior to reclaiming the capital. But, because a fraud changes his or her mask does not mean we should ever trust the,

What everyone needs to take away from this is that these people speaking in our interest are doing so as this is the saviour branding process. Lets not be a fool and keep buying everything they sell us.

If there is no accountability for what they have done and why. All it will take is another ill intended 3rd party interventionist to fund their efforts against us.

Also, these influencers and point of insights are paid to get you all lost in details. Not a one of them goes beyond a basic descriptions of events and they tie endless details to it in order to get you lost in details.

Lets stay on subject and not be redirect by an example.

This Piece was inspired by this video

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