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Changes in Fuel Standards - One more attempt to destroy us and freedoms

Updated: May 22, 2022

I read this in a FaceBook posting that on February 23 (not sure year) amendments were made to the fuel standards . Changing a 4%-6% present requirement to a 10% requirement.

So I looked this up and found out some interesting claims.

- increasing ethanol levels to 15 percent or more would accelerate car engine wear and damage fuel systems, according to the American Automobile Association

- A gallon of ethanol delivers one-third less energy per gallon than a gallon of gasoline, so that an 85-percent ethanol mixture is 30 percent less powerful than pure gasoline, Bell Performance says

-Using corn for ethanol inflates corn prices, which makes it more expensive to feed animals or make high-fructose corn syrup

Wow, truly interesting points of insight. The last one really lending itself to the engineering of contemporary problems. We are hearing media claim food shortages and inflation, Well if feeding live stock goes up so does the price for the consumer. Engineering outcome goes this deep.

Leading me to ask how far and interconnected is this quiet war of attrition against the domestic population with a sense of state-hood? It appears the cries of environmental crisis offer utility in wear and breakdown of combustible components.

They will stave us, they will destroy that which we own. Now engineering efficiency or the presentation of the lack there of seems to be the final blow in this slow and quiet war. To reduce efficiency by upwards of 30%.

Decreased efficiency leads to increased cost and greater wear naturally leads to increases in cost now take the adding of a component that has shown to increase and exhaust such occurrence. The increased cost are endless. Setting the stage for inflation, not of the organic type but of the engineered kind.

Making matters worse is the fact that this will frame the public perceptions and guide consumer based choice. Leading the people to act in counterintuitive and counterproductive ways. A destruction of the oil market is a destruction of the American economy. The American economy funds the maintenance and expansion of freedoms; not for one but for all.

To destroy America through the transition of the energy sector is the death of freedom and upward mobility. If you don't want to do it for your self do it for your grandchildren that haven't been born yet.

This piece was inspired by a Face Book Posting

This article is how I came to understand the depth and effort of pursuit of the ill intended

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