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When do victims actually matter?

What I find most interest and revealing about this war and pandemic is how people do whatever they are told and trending seems have become a trigger driving behavioural expression.

Now are is unacceptable as its cost are felt by the people while its efforts are directed at leaders. The placing of the bears is a great way to expression dissatisfaction with what it taking place.

As a disclaimer, Putin has taken this beyond what is need and the methods could be different achieve the exact same outcome - a destroyed nation.

During conflict, yes there is most times collateral damage. Meaning civilians do end up as target. This is war, even though one who hope that an unwritten code of ethics would be followed.

What is bothersome is why does it take a war for anyone to care. Do you realize that Ukraine is a capital of sorts regarding sex traffic and forces child sex trafficking. Why are these women of no concern. Where are those to lay a teddy bear for them and their pain and sorrow.

A victim of war is a consumed with fear if today maybe the last. When leaders settle their difference and the dust settles life returns to a sense of normality rooted in the hope of tomorrow. Dreams and wish ushering a new world bound to a sense of opportunity.

A women forced into the sex trade industries as labour has no opportunity to settle. They get no chance at a sense of normality. Hope is not obtainable nor is the dreams and wish that stem from it as a sense of opportunity is counterintuitive to such labour. These women's greatest hope, dream, and wish, is to be high enough to make it through the next work day.

So once again where is the teddy bears for them? Where is the compassion for them? Where is the accountability for their state of being? Where is the consequence against the ill intended and the methods to create such labour? Where is there hope for a better and brighter future for them. Ukraine is the headquarters which most women are forced and groomed into such labour markets.

I do not want to take anything away from those confronted with conflict but we really need to understand who the victims are and address their perpetrators with the same interest and fever we do to those held under a banner of a trend.

To create a sense of accountability and reveal something regarding media's bastion of freedom Zelensky. He as the leader of Ukraine promotes sex tourism. Know your enemy as it too helps identify the victim.

Here is a Wikipedia link discussing the sex trade in Ukraine.

Prostitution in Ukraine - Wikipedia Here is a video of Teddy Bears being placed for Ukraine Children

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