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When did immigration stop being seen as an act of war

Immigration, a question with an underlining answer that we all need to honestly think about.

How do you destroy institutions? You fill them with incompetence. Now think about the centre fugal forced at work driving greater immigration and higher levels of fraudulent credentials by forth by the rushing international certifications and and domestic affirmative action.

If white, need not apply, The quiet war of attrition of domestic population across the west.

The argument of domestic wont take the job is nothing short of bullshit. Did you offer any Canadians a job? Remember they don't have all these interest group organization that create awareness and placement. If we do create them the act is deemed discriminator.

They claim the foreigner is here for low end jobs but yet our professional sector has been replaced by the foreign labour market. Can you spot the white unicorn in your daily interactions?

Are your institution safe tomorrow? This is how classes break off and form segregated societies. We need to take back our institutional influence and control and that can only be achieve through communal screams and cries that - self preservation is not hate nor is it discrimination.

This piece was inspired by this article

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