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When conflict is a culture

The article linked below is regarding a conflict between Palestinians and the Palestinian security's at a refugee camp in West Bank.

Over a road blockade that was being addressed by the Palestinian security agents at the request of the Palestinians displaced into encampments. The blockade are a 'staple' of local militants.

So a western would assume these 'militants' are stand for and in defence of their fellow Palestinians; their tribesmen. Yet, this occurrence was a Palestinian security forces, looking into a blockade set by Palestinians 'militants, at the request of Palestinians.

Of course a violent exchange occurred between the Militants and security forcing leading to a 25 year old 'militant' dead. I guess he died a martyr so his life is celebrated or at least what he was told.

The fact that there is was a violent exchange amongst members of the same tribe says the tribe isn't the pursuant and there is an agenda at play. These militants scream tribal pursuit but as we can see the a member of the tribe carries little value.

I am curious to know, when did terrorists rebrand to militants? Better yet, when did they start the disassociation process fracturing the national identity and the cultural identity?

Yesterday they we branded Hamas Shia radical terrorists. Today they are rebranded as militants. Which makes me wonder is this a larger brand strategy to rebrand Palestinians at large?

If this is a rebranding process, I ask you all, can the members of a tribe have their interest, intents, and pursuits be conditioned and changed with the immediacy of a stand off? Or, is this a bait and switch.

Rebranding being nothing more than a notion in the minds of the opposition all the while maintaining the same interest, intents, and pursuits. An image game manipulating those see as the enemy. If I am an not mistaken, would this not set the stage for infiltration.

This peice was inspired by this article

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