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What we are learning from China's election interference

I hope people are paying attention to the chinese election interference narrative. I hope people are taking away the million dollar lesson being revealed.

What we are learning is not about election interference but rather how marketers can take an issue with simply referenced truth and details (stats can) and how to redefine the core issue.

Slogan and trends is the vehicle with repetition being the driver. They say repetition is the father of learning. How might such conditions of learning lend themselves to redefining the causal roots of a given occurrence.

Without knowing the root causes to given situation a 3rd party can than characterize it in any manner they so choose. The utility of the ill intended 3rd party is the fact that many people depend are 3rd parties with ready made resolves when confronted with issues that extend beyond they themselves.

This election fraud claim is a great example of this. Politics playing the us versus them marketing mix. Branding being key here but ironically is only differentiated on by superficial characteristics like brand colour and logo.

They position a narrative in order to have you think that foreign government is manipulating or swaying our electoral process. Consider for a moment, are the Chinese liberal or are the liberals giving them what they want?

If a foreign leader's people represents the 2nd largest 'active' voting block in a democratic society is it interference or ownership? Canada, does the foreign government have to interfere when it is his people who decide results?

This is not about voter fraud as you can see their is not fraud taking place and as a result no expected application of resolution. This is about election marketing and a branding game. If this was an issue why would the opposition be demanding for expedited immigration and occupational access for those same people.

Lets take a moment and conceptualize demographics, psychographics and alliances relating to the prospect of our present democratic issue. An electoral truth is the fact there there still remains the number 1 'active' voting block.

Who do you think it is? Do you think it is old stock Canadians? In reality, old Stock Canadians is the 5th 'active' voting block.

The largest voting block in Canada is an Shia Islamic group. What makes this interesting and why I am mentioning it is the fact that the leader of this Shia Islamic group is the lender of a $60 trillion debt? The holder of this debt, is China, for the construction of the new Silk Road trading route,

I now ask who owns who? Who is working in who's name pursuant of who's interest? Canada being a democratic nation has these two groups as the 1st and 2nd 'active voting blocks.

I would like to add that these 2 groups are also communities that conform and identify with a hereditary based master. Meaning their vote in our nation is is slowing turning their master into ours.

They claim the replacement process is a theory but is in actuality a reality and we are being testing and revealing what it takes for a marketing strategy to redefine and recharacterize root cause and by extension reality.

Do Canadians now comprehend this? Have we lost sight of rooted cause relative to a causal chain of events. This married to empathetic reasoning is killing us from the inside out.

You don't need to interfere in that which you own. Better yet, when the Pied Pipers who present the narratives for a giving discourse, I beg of you to start asking question.

It is not to realize an answer but to condition your mind to put things into question before acceptance. Its not about questioning everything, it is about keeping an open mind to what is and not what is being claimed.

In politics claim often times does not parallel action and it is claim that established the slogans and trends that mislead the people. Lets define our convictions and stand for them linked arm and arm.

This piece was inspired by this video

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