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What is woke culture?

Trump say conservative don't know what woke culture is. I retort with a full conceptualization of woke culture and who is at the helm.

Woke culture is the assembly of interest group communities under the banner civil society. They are seeking complex social change.

They are funded by the Persian 4th Reich with non-repayment loans through organization such as The Global Centre for Pluralism and Trust for Culture.

They are enslaved by their communities leaders as these non-repayment loans are not recovered by financial means but rather social action leading to the pressuring of institutions and industries.

They are mercenaries of the Persian 4th Reich. A tool that weakens a group through fracturing into factions and turning them onto each other. This is tribal war.

Culture is a resources now and like all resources it competes for market dominance and supremacy. This is a new age colonial method.

I ask how is one to culturally compete is they efforts of self preservation are met with cries of hate and discrimination.

It appears the field of competition is skewed against the domestic population(s) with a sense of statehood.

If you want to know more about woke culture and who is at the helm join me for The Why Perspective at Let reveal the world and expose the truth together.

This piece was inspired by this article

Trump admits conservatives don’t even know what woke means (

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