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What If?

I do not want to minimize the cost of conflict but I have to wonder. Is this political theater?

Is this a conflict with lines drawn in the sand or is this a new age development strategy?

I say this because Ukraine being an old world nation. If one were to try to demolish blocks of communities most would stand in opposition. Will to fight in the name of history, heritage, and culture.

Conflict has shown that you can topple entire cities without a person batting a eyelash in opposition. History, heritage, culture carry little weigh of influence with demolition is rooted in conflict.

A perfect example of this is Syria. To think cities older than our recorded history were leveled and now a murmur of history, heritage, and culture rose from the population, institution, or leaders.

So I challenge your curiosity with this what if? I there be even a glimmer of merit to this idea, I guess Ukraine google smart cities are just over the horizon. A horizon on fire but just over it non-the-less. I hear Sweden is looking for a contract for their newly developed jet demolition crew.

All hail WIFI.

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