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We Seem to be Failing to See Patterns - Misplacing Accountability

In a world with extreme censorship, why don't people question narratives that go uncensored. Just think about it.. If you bring up viruses or the standards of science you are silenced with banning. If you challenge that biological reality are just that realities you are banned.

So why would discussion of Klaus Schwab go without recourse? There is no banning or claims of false information. Not a single person proposes a question of critique of the fact that the person being held as the worlds Dr. Evil and who must be one of the most powerful and influential people can be discussed openly.

The reason why is that Mr. Schwab is a professor who runs a weekend club for overachieving children. His literally is the scapegoat and bobble head for the cameras; he is a less than a lapdog in the grand scheme of things.

While so many buy into the hype and talk about his weekend retreat, do people not realize that there are people who have seized national boards of education. Who is really conditioning these kids? If anything the weekend retreat of Schwab's was created to redirect attention to what boards are actually doing. His professional status is a professor. When have you seen the world ran by a prof. They tend to be tambourine monkeys used to support notion and ideas of their investors and not about convey truths.

Laughable at best, considering there are people out there that run entire industries and large swaths of people as a master and we are talking about the professor. WOW!

This is an example that proves this is the great awakening but rather the marching to the newly printed market slogans sung by the Pied Piper marching us clear off the cliff of critical thinking, rational, and insight.

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