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We need to end the empathetic economy

You can vax the world because it is equitable on multiple levels. First is the sales of vaccines and raw components.

Second is the behavioural testing that reveals how to frame perspective, guide responses, and stimulate expression. The latter value is priceless to those at the helm.

As for the hungry and homeless. The issues is this economic segment called the empathetic economy, which is NGO's and not-for-profit, and due to the profitability that has been revealed now there is for-profit involved in this notion of aid and philanthropy.

The empathetic economy requires people to be weak and vulnerable and hungry and homeless. The weak and vulnerable are the commodity being sold for a donations and generate a revenue stream.

The great the population the greater the revenue stream. Now position institutional and industry leaders as stakeholders of the empathetic economy and what do you think could be engineered?

It is as easy as centralize decision making into an industry based organization and like magic all the players of a given market can manipulate access and restrictions to those they deem may obtain.

They fire or hire people, so it appears there is an immense control by these stakeholders and players of the empathetic economy when paired to institutions and industries.

The cultivation of us as people has now been reduced to the greatest forms of equity and on an equity level there are greater opportunities for profit in creating the weakest and most vulnerable people.

Understand this is us that have allowed us to be manipulated and reduced to this. Not to go unmentioned that it is members of our own community that are ensuring this by way of ignorance and/or greed.

If you want this to end it is time we as the people put a stop to the empathic economy. Lets make the invest into our success the greatest revenue stream available.

We have lost sight of our power and worth. Does a farmer have a farm without farmhands? Without the farmhand there is no farm. Lets put that into perspective because those at the helm will turn us into a revenue stream either way.

It is our responsibility to convey our cultivation and success as the greatest form of revenue.

This peice was inspire by this meme. I lost the name of the poster and would like to add their name for recognition of the inspiration.

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