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Ukraine is the death of Civil Society

Civil society is the network of interest group communities who's master is the leader of the Persian 4th Reich - the Aga Khan.

Has one not asked how the LGBT and Islam are companion groups? Community based funding rooted in non-repayment. The payment not financial recovery but community action driving complex social change.

This isn't about inclusion. Inclusion is a conquest strategy.

The fools of interest groups believe they are working to decolonize and stop the fake oppression. When in actuallity they are apply institutional pressure cause resources to be stretched to exhaustion.

These idiots are not decolonizing but rather recolonizing by another master, This master wants hereditary control of the religious and secular authority. With a labour market rooted in volunteerism.

Ukraine was being colonized by civil society and the cause for concern for the left is the fact that Putin is stopping it. Not only does civil society enslave the people but it is also the means by which nations tax basin have been robbed.

As I stated in an article from a few days ago - Ukraine will be controlled by a dictator or a master. Which do you think is worse?

Does this sound anything but master and slave.

Wake up or your new master will soon be upon us.

This piece was inspired by this article

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