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TWP - How to ensure desirable outcomes when fracturing a society into factions


Q1 Ep. 30

D3 SP Ep.2

How is it, that those engineering our tomorrow. Those attempting to reset our reality, The self proclaimed demigods amongst us, are always 2 steps ahead of every occurrence?

How are they always prepared with readiness to a given outcome? What if I told that the planning that has gone into the logistics of our present state of being is so exhaustive and so systematized, that the strategy has a response for even the unintentional

To think a panel of strategist, took the time to think through the unthinkable and plan for the unknowable. To respond to the impossible.

This is why it appears as if we are on a treadmill never advancing but forced to retreat from exhaustion. The funny thing is, is that we are so lost in the detail, that we do not even know what we are exhausted from.

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