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Trying to Redefine History

I know there is a gruesome story unfolding - with convenient timing might I add - but this attempt to redefine terms and history is little more than a joke.

I keep telling people that self preservation has been redefined as discrimination and here we go again.

The speaker discusses the term reservation as a negative term that the colonist placed onto the indigenous. This idea of colonial labelling is reassured when she states they use rez as a means to take ownership of the term.

Here is the truth. The term reservation is not a colonial term but a legal term to identify a community that has chosen to segregate itself from the nation at large. Meaning your choices and action as indigenous created the term.

Your Ebonics pronunciation is just an illustration of the failures of your chiefs to educate you - remember you community chose to segregate from the nation.

What I find most interesting is that a year ago your communities were committing terrorist acts and now your a victim. The time is amazing. When pursuit of hereditary controls house of cards starts to fall all this occurs - what a coincidence.

Here is something Canadians need to realize. You as the 'indigenous' communities have chosen to segregate yourselves away from us. You as communities do not contribute to our system yet you have access to all our resources...interesting.

I have a question for all. Lets use a hypothetical example to conceptualize my question. In this hypothetical scenario - India and China go to war. Lets assume that India win the war against China. Is China still China?

There you have it.

Ironic how much the speaks looks like a colonist...

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