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Trudeaus trip and the host nation is now assassins

Trudeau is goes to India with his failed political trip and now India is responsible for the killing of a Sikh Khalistan separatist.

Propaganda is not even hiding behind the wizards curtain.

Do Canadians want terrorist separatist amongst us? What do Canadians think they are plotting against us?

I guess Canada's kindness is being seen as weakness and the pursuit to partition our land, create the nation that they have been seeking and failed to achieve in their homeland, India.

Not only do we have radical separatist amongst us but we have one of them running a federal political party. Are we dazed and confused as Canadians.

This is what happens when we are conditioned to hate our history and heritage. This illustrates the foreign interest at work on our minds leading to capturing our nation as their own.

I encourage people to watch the video that inspired this peice and see how our leader see such people and who side he is on. Axes and allies and we are the axes to our own leader.

This peice was inspired by this video

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