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Trudeau, engineered failure ushering in a false sense of anew

Interesting how the conservatives growth and strength is a result of Liberal meltdown and failings or is it?

I ask you to consider for just a moment, You are a King who is isolated to a point that your exitance is limited to the shadows. Now image, you are a King so if anything the maintenance and expansion of hereditary control is of great importance.

Through your life you come to realize that investment offers ability and such access grants influence. This influence allows you to motivate others to act and react. With such insights your expansion process has you investing in the many over the one as a means to hedge your bet.

The hedging of the bet, now decades in, has facilitated you as an exclusive point of influence establishing a sense of control. Through you investment in people and pursuit in many forms and fashions, you have become the primary benefactor of the many.

You as a stakeholder now can pursue you goals and asperations through, as stated above, the actions or reactions on the people. The stage is set and the people conditioned. You, through perspective framing and behavioural priming, you release the hounds to do their work.

As your owned people pressure and strain politics, economy, society, and environment to a point of exhaustion. You come to see and anticipate the prospect of failure of obtainment.

Your attempts to engineer the people preconceived notions and action potential are in vain with your efforts now weakening to a point of irrelevance. But you are pot stuck and can no longer hold maintain or expand your interest, effort, or intent.

The public perceptions are turning from the presentation of failings and are starting to take on an opposition role with aggressive expression. What are you to do? Remember, you are the sole beneficiary and stakeholder, not in the one but the many.

How do you transition and transfer the many to march to a new tune of the Pied Piper? How is it you have people abandon their notions of reality and their commitment to authorities? How do you transition notions of loyalty and identities.

You engineer the generalization, that being failings. You take the failing authority and reduce him to a monkey holding a tambourine, destroying all that they touch. In response those who conformed and identified with such authoritative characterization will quickly seek out new for of identifiers.

Using guilt and shame you have the masses redefine self as the other. Drawing the many into the one, as it is you, through the use of narrative presentation of discourse you have incrementally established a new set of expectations and have laid out the characterization modeling.

You as a leader have redefined the self of the many as being the one, whiling having the people see it as an organic process at the will of personal insight and decision making. Establishing a new will brought on by the institutionalization of new hope.

In the end the people feel anew, alive with new ambition and pursuit. All the while our master has not only maintained but has expanded his reign over us his empire without stepping from the shadows.

All that was needed was presented and interpreted failings and the people facilitated your desired outcome or end-state. I fear this is the conundrum that has perplexed many of Canadians. Lets not let our master get us lost in the details allowing allowing for the same agenda to be pursued just under a new face.

The question that needs to be asked is - are you part of civil society and is civil society funding you?

To ask, are you connected to the WEF is to buy into a redirect and stumble over the details intended to confuse?

This piece was inspired by this article

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