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TRENDING - The threat of Nuclear war

Is this what tomorrow holds. Everyone with rocket technology making threats of nuclear chaos. This will only end in a nuclear catastrophe.

The pissing contest needs to end. Is we cannot find a mutual goal that compels us forwards we are destined to destroy each other and return so many to a time long before they could ever imagine.

The New World Order, or the charade of generational change amongst the elites. That is all this is and everyone is gunning for a slice of the pie that is exclusive to them,.

How about we put greed on hold and exercise rational thinking and synergistic action. The people are not the issue, these leaders are. They get in the way of progress all to sustain control. We need to end every and all forms of hereditary control. There will always be a leader, it is a natural formation of a functional society. With that a balance and symmetry amongst man can and will be achieved.

Open and free. Driven by competition with the understanding that there are those who need help. It is much simpler than you might think. The issue right now is removing the infiltrators,

You may realize soon that you best friend is a traitor and we will become stronger with that knowledge.

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