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To exploit the exploited

These Signs of Sophia Burthen Pooley are claimed to being erected in her honour but in actually they are just a cheap marketing strategy by a burnt out artist trying to get the publics attention.

If there is any outrage let it be that a women exploited by slavery is being exploited again as a sales tactic. A cheap one for that matter. This artist is a predator exploiting even the dead to get your eyes on him. This is a clear example as to why the era or art and design needs to end.

How dare he defame this women's name in such an ironic manner; the pursuit of personal fame. I ask where are the non-whites screaming racism? Where are the feminist screaming the a misogynist male is perpetuating the patriarch, by his believe that a women is worth little more than an object to gain attention?

Where is anyone to defend this voiceless women being exploited even after death. This is the lowest of the low and I can only hope any art showing that this artist produces is met with empty galleries.

Here is an example of a villain being redefined as a victim, as real hero's do what hero's are meant to do - protect the voiceless from dirt bags looking to exploit them for personal gain. I ask the city to not only aggressively tear these signs down but to charge this man criminally. What level of narcissism must one have to think it is justified to use this women image to gain personal attention. I guess this is the cheap tactics needed when your art doesn't speak for itself. The lowest or the low and consequence must be felt. Accountability breeds responsibility.

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