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To All Women - such targeting should be illegal

Please do not buy into this Ponzi scheme know as Crypto. This is a marketing tactics and it is the scummiest means as it is using a mascot in order to target vulnerable young minds. I can only hope that you women stand up in your own defence and demand that such target marketing be removed and deemed illegal.

You make up the largest consumer segment and this is why you are being targeted. You have the power to sway market. The control and power is in your hands. It is up to you now to put an end to this Ponzi scheme. Do not allow yourself, our youth, and generation unborn to become victims of a world of valueless value, We are better than that and most importantly you as women care for more than that.

This is up to us but the weight of this effort to legitimize the illegitimate rest on you beautiful, wonderful and truly amazing women.

I just want to thank you all for being you.

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