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Those Ushering in The New World Order

I have yet to dig through this group but they have appeared a few times as a peripheral in my research.

With what is occurring in the Ukraine I found this to be truly interesting.

I have been talking about the Persian 4th Reich for over 4 years now while building idiom radio. As you can see our content places an emphasis on the Aga Khan as the one at the helm of the Reich and its leadership transitioning to family through heredity.

Everything we have been experiencing from tribalism to pandemics to include this war is an engineered Opera ushering hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. This is the expressed goals of the Aga Khan directly.

To understand more of how this is being achieve checkout shows like: - The Why Perspective

- Theory and Practice

- Sapere Aude To name a few.

Come for the content and insights stay for the community, freedom to express thoughts and feels with recourse.

Join me, John Adams, and take part in revealing what is going on in this world around us.

This is a picture of the Aga Khan awards and gives laudatory address for Viktor Yushchenko, the president of Ukraine in 2006, with the Die Quadriga Prize. Remember logistics for complex social changes can take up to 15-20 years to achieve (Aga Khan)

If you do not understand an event or occurrence in a principle form your ability to anticipate outcomes is seriously hindered. Here is a root principle at work in the here and now. It is interesting if you look into everyone one of these world leaders and celebrities that support this war they are all connected to the Aga Khan.

He will soon be our new master of enslavement. You do realize that hereditary control means no upward mobility and the need to request resource access.

Like to wiki page conceptualizing a German International organization with a Persian in it lead.

What could come next? Quadriga (award) - Wikipedia

Join me to go through this group and more @ The People | IDIOM RADIO

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