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This proves the conflict is a charade

Prior to the Nuremberg Trials unethical research was done in order to establish if Nazi soldiers held responsibility for the actions put forth during WW2.

The Milgram experiment was one of those experiments. This study proved that even under the most irrational circumstanced most individuals will follow the order of an authoritative body. The experiment went as far as to identify the characteristics that people use to define an authority and influential person.

What this experiment proved was that almost 70% of people would kill someone for failure so long as an authoritative body told them to do so. Reason for killing the other was a result of authority and little more.

For this reason Nazi soldiers were not to stand trial for their crimes but the authority that instructed them to act in a specific manner. So how is it with such a body of knowledge that Russian soldiers are being put on trial.

It is as simple as optics. Framing our perceptions, which guides our interpretations lending itself to stimulated or restricting specific choices and actions. My question, what did it cost to put someone with a Russian accent to incriminate his own people in the most fraudulent ways.

This is not different than a movie set and these are actors selling you all Bullshit. Will you blindly buy into the lies or will you take a critical stand asking why.

We are being lied to and these lies are driving us into self destruction. As stated in another blog post the Ukrainian conflict is a means to have socialist nations infiltrate NATO. Wonder what would be the outcome of NATO not fight the expansion you us all having a master.

This is the end of us and the destruction of upward mobility for your unborn grandchildren. Our ancestors were willing to die in order to prevent this. What are you willing to do?

It is as easy as taking on a critical perspective.

This piece was inspired by this video

Here is the video of the Milgram Experiment

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