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This might be reaching but interesting nonetheless

Is it just me and being to deep in the rabbit hole or do others see the parallel?

Why is the Canadian Olympic teams hat very similar to the celebratory hat worn by the Aga Khan and his community members of a Shia Islamic community.

I know athletics are of great importance to the Aga Khan as he was a competitive athlete himself. As for team Canada, well he has seized our nation from institution to resources.

Canada is no longer by us for us. Now it is for the Aga Khan and his Shia Islamic community, by us the Canadians, If you follow my content you will know what civil society is. It is his militia, he owns them all as they have been paid in full as communities.

Either way, is team Canada now wear an Shia Islamic celebratory hat for our Olympic attire.?

Proving there is one more thing that he owns of Canada's.

If I am incorrect I invite those who see it differently to comment under the posting.

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