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This isn't Multiculturalism. This is Pluralism, Which is Cultural War

Updated: May 22, 2021

I would like to start off with some definintions -

  1. Multicultural Societies (Application) are characterized by people of different races, ethnicities, and nationalities living together in the same community. In multicultural communities, people retain, pass down, celebrate, and share their unique cultural ways of life, languages, art, traditions, and behaviors.

  2. Cultural Pluralism (Sociology) is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture provided they are consistent with the laws and values of the wider society.

With a multicultural society the outside can sustain culture and share it but integration to the broader culture is a necessity and requirement. Institutions invest in the integration process.

Under a pluralist society there is no requirement to integrate but rather institutions promote the outside. This leading to an absolute stance on acceptance of value and ways of life that stand in opposition with the dominate.

Pluralism is an organic evolution of multiculturalism that is determined by outside population density. It has been shown that 10% population density facilitates cultural unification. From this leader to the marketing of ones way of life sell the idea to those who lack loyalties or do not see themselves as part of the overarching culture.

At 13% mobilization is realized within the given aggregate (group). What is meant by mobilization is a groups ability to act with synchronism and accuracy towards a given target or goal. It is at this stage when the awareness of power influences a groups behaviour towards expansion, supremacy and dominance.

A groups inward understanding of communal power and influence lead to supremacy and dominance can be best summarized as replacement. What must be understood is that the transitional period from multiculturalism to pluralism if anticipated is the stage that third party intervention can take place acting as a driver of the aggregate (groups) behaviour.

This leading to a major distinction that needs to be made. That between the organic evolution (transition) versus third party intervention (engineered). This is how corruption and exploitation establishes its roots.

As mentioned above an organic evolution is realized through population density and the realization of inward and outward power and influence won by numbers and resource obtainment (community members occupational success) through investment. In sum the pursuit of supremacy is a natural occurrence with each and every domestic population must be aware of and plan for.

An engineered or interventionalist evolution, speaks to intention relative to perceived opportunity. Most times this is revealed through community based investments. Specifically when such communal investments are directed towards communities with stark contradiction to each other. I guess the statement is true, everyone has a price and as been stated, greed and ignorance is most times the enemies greatest weapon against us.

Now think about the common expressed behaviour of any domestic population when large swaths of outsiders start moving into their communities - white (domestic) fight. So why wouldn't an interventionalist see this as an opportunity, exploiting this commonly expressed behaviour leading to enclave development. By definition this is a process of replacement achieved through immigration and characteristic behaviour(s) within a given domestic population.

Now think of this relative to democracy and the risks and liability presented under such a interventionalists strategy. This is conquest that is being achieve through the establishment of tribes. Pluralism is a tribalistic conquest strategy and multiculturalism is the precondition necessary for it to emerge and proliferate.

Taking control of our accomplishments and replacing our population is how our history is being rewritten right before our eyes and we are complacent and consenting to this process.

As for Brampton living multiculturalism - I encourage people to assess Brampton based on demographics and ask, are they living multiculturalism or have they established an enclave exploiting our generational accomplishments and claiming them as there own.

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