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This is the danger zone?

So the liberals are panicking over a $6000 a night hotel room.

Is it they who assume we a dumb or is it we who are actually dumb?

So a luxury room is the problem and not the trillions you have given to the enemy to conduct war and colonize our nation?

Civil society has received over a trillion dollars in funding and a forensic audit would prove that these funds are funding the Persian 4th Reich war against the west and freedom.

The Persian 4th Reich runs the whole network of not-for-profits and NGO's seeking to conquer the west.

This is of concern simply because the Reich has chosen a new leaders for the Canadian region. Pierre is that new Muppet.

That's right, the Reich owns both primary parties and PCP was taken over during the Harper era. That is who sold the Reich Alberta resources.

If people only knew or were willing to ask simple question none of this would be possible. The cost of not understanding events in their principle form. A 3rd party can position you focus on whatever they want.

This piece was inspired by this article

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