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This is replacement tactics

The article linked below is titled: companies must listen to racialized employees in order to tactile racism. This is a message being presented by an organization which goes by the name of Black Professional Network (BPN). Is this the professional arm of BLM?

I have a question for the general public. Do any of you realize that this BPN is exactly that which this group is complaining about? To have a black only professional network is a form of systemic discrimination that is being funding by the tax payer.

This is not to resolve racism but to turn transition it onto other groups. In particular it is being used on the domestic population in order to weaken their institutional and industrial based influence and control.

This literally is an old world colonial strategy that is now being used on us the quote-on-quote great colonizers.

To have someone claim racism in areas where there is no inherent, systemic or expressed discrimination, that is and should be seen as a tactic.

The interest group conquest process is as follows:

  1. pressure institution and industry

  2. Strain leads to resource exhaustion

  3. present exhaustion as failings to the general population

  4. they respond with demands for change

  5. transition of institutional and industrial based influence and controls

  6. new stakeholder emerge.

This is a form of confirmation bias that is allowing for subjective notions to be presented as objective realities. All that is needed is benchmarks and concepts with conceptualize allows for anything to become a fraudulent for of the narrative.

This is how our system and is elements have been corrupted. Takes little more than the pandering to greed by paying for ignorance. We all have a price it is just some are cheaper than others.

This is a trojan horse using interest groups or woke culture to weakening our control over that we have created for self. Only to have these same groups claim it was their creation tomorrow.

Amazing how the colonial masters have become the colonized fools. The cost of screaming slogans and marching to trends. If you do not understand the principles at work your ability to anticipate and control outcomes is nonexistent.

Not to be rude but the general masses are not at a point that they will buy anything they are sold. The enemy right now is being rebranding as saviours and the general public is glazed over with little more to say than okay.

Wake up because you are marching to a Pied Pipers tune that will take you clean off the this structural cliff. The goal is hereditary control of the cultural and industrial based sectors, root in a volunteer labour market. Money, will soon require you to be held against a loan as an asset,

All these fraud narrators are the Pied Pipers and the interest groups or woke culture is ill intention masquerading as good will only to weaken our influence, strength, will, and fortitude necessary to maintain the cost of freedom.

When your kids are carted of as slave, remember, it was your ignorance and greed that allowed the slave owners to take control and interest groups were their rabbit dogs of destruction.

Food for thought. If these issues or crisis did not exist would these groups scream crisis exist? It is all about dependency. Just this these groups make inflated welfare under the guise of operations as a not-for-profit.

This piece was inspired by this article.

This is called a confirmation bias that allows for subjective notions to be presented as objective realities. This is how fraud is starts.

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