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This is Precedence

So a patriot, someone stand for the preservation of self, has been sentences for burning marketing materials. Was he charged with vandalism?

Just because you give something a label, such as flag, does not make it that which you claim. Their are conditions that must be met for such a label to carry merit.

The BLM branding banner is the equivalent of a ISIS banner. These are not flag they are marketing material. So outside of vandalism what could he be charged with?

The courts did us patriots and favor and we thank you for your sacrifice. You have just set a legal precedent. If the courts deemed and labelled this marketing material a flag. That will allow for the precedent necessary for the prosecution of all those who burnt an American flag. You're all on camera we know who you are. Also the burning of the national flag is a criminal offence.

Let the heads roll in a court house as it is time for charges to by laid on those who are actually guilty of crimes.

Charged with vandalism of marketing materials while people burn the national flag with no recourse.

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