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This is called new age colonialism

The forest fires will continue into the winter. How many foreign enclaves are we creating and do people not realize this is nothing more than the exploitation of our electoral process turning us into something we are not.

People need to realize that if you keep importing people with a master, it is only a matter of time before their master becomes yours. Especially when you in a democracy.

This is the Islamic expansion project. Unified under the Ummah and institutionalized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. We are being conquered and the saddest part is that we are funding our colonization through the empathetic economy.

Engineered conflicts and staged hardship to position its population across democratic nations. Ladies get you Burqas ready because the masks mandates were the incremental step leading us down such a green mile.

I ask you all please wake up before we are colonized by Islam. Many will say Sharia will never be here but it already is here imbedded within our constitution. While the slogan screaming trend marching convoy was celebrating their year anniversary our government push aspects of Sharia into law.

Those are some true freedom fighters that don't seem to understand what freedom actual is.

Canadians seem to learn nothing from experience. We watched Fort McMurray burn to the ground and now it is the largest Islamic enclave in the America's. Why do you see these fires as anything different.

We are being conquered through the exploitation of our electoral process and we are allow for our nation to be burnt to the ground so that the electoral mercenaries have the resources necessary to claim ownership when the final nail is nailed into the coffin of Canada.

Stand up and speak against this empathetic manipulation having us fund the war against us. Sad we are about to lose our nation and we are paying for it under the guise of crisis.

This peice was inspired by this video

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