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This is a matter for the Chiefs and not Canadians - creating a master for us all

So you as a community, by way of your own demands, have chosen to segregate yourself from Canada at large. As such you hold no responsibility nor accountability for the nation at large and this is expressed by not having to contribute. This leads me to ask, why do you think we as Canada and Canadians are responsible for the funding of your community? Amazing the entitlement that is expressed by the indigenous.

My concern is that your social pressures are being placed beyond that which can help you. We as Canada have little scope and range within the reserves so we cannot assist you in making the ill intended accountable.

You Chiefs through community leaders have been making endless streams of money off your back. Do they share the wealth at all? So instead of being enslaved by your community leaders and your action being the means to recover the debt that was taking out of your heads.

Oh, if you didn't know. Your community leaders have taken out Islamic loans which are non-usury. Meaning you the community members were the assets put up against the loans. Meaning for efforts today are for wealth your leaders made under the assurance that you as a community would put forth social action.

Here you are with screams of the colonizers of yesterday while you are assisting us all being colonized by another tomorrow. They want to transition us into hereditary control with our labour market rooted in volunteerism,.

I ask regardless of colour or creed, is this what you want for generations to come. If your Chiefs and community leaders lender achieve their end-state we will all be in the same gutter eating from the same trough.

I guess it is at that point the pluralism will be realized as it is the notion of pluralism is what has lead us here. The indigenous community needs to step away from being a tool of civil society seeking to destroy us all in the name of absolute power of the few.

Do conform to the claims of the one at the helm of Civil Society and pluralism. The Aga Khan see you as ignorant and greed lead and is using such characteristics to destroy the self. Lets not be his puppet of self destruction.

If we don't figure out how to become the one from the many, it is the name that will destroy us all. Lets ensure that your unborn grandchildren not only can one day become the doctor or judge but has the ability to have the dreams that start that becoming process.

We are robbing them for the we today and it must stop. Because as civil society members all you are doing in pressuring our institutions into a state of strain and exhaustion,

It is your communities actions that are destroying us from within. So what will you do when there is no hospitals or education or subsidies for that matter as the resources have been exhausted to a point of nonexistence.

Can you not see the consequence of your actions? Did no one ever teach you for every action there is a equal or greater reaction? You are about to destroy every institution this country has created and your civil society companions are right now seizing our military.

What do we do when our first and last lines of defence no longer exist not for the one but for the all. What happens when health is beyond consideration let alone means. Do you fools realize that you are ushering in a master.

Should we thank the indigenous community and its civil society companions groups for our soon to be master. Get ready to take a knee as he or maybe she is just over the horizon.

Below is what I think the Canadian flag will become if the Persian 4th Reich colonized Canada. It is a collection of logo's from the Aga Khan network. That will be our new master if civil society is victorious as he is at the helm of the the 4th Reich and civil society is it paramilitary.

This piece was inspired by this article

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