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This Comes as a Surprise

Here is a religious paramilitary with intent and interest on the superiority and authority of religious sect. Religion is the vehicle driving radical actions and responses.

I speak in neutral terms, as their application all over the western world over the last decade makes me ponder if these are a contractor framing perceptions., pressuring culture, compelling behaviour expression on westerners.

The Afghan conflict or the lack there of was a conformation of this prospect as a reality, Not only did a group take political authority of the land but were also outfitted with a foreign arsenal. Ready to face conflict even if it is merely to generate a narrative.

Here is the gotcha moment. A branded community (interest group) is unified as one, consolidated by mutual goal, and motivated to expression as a result of a single stimulant a single motivation, a single ambition, their faith.

What would ever lead one to believe that the faith and its commandments would guild all social, political, and economic policies and practices?

Under Sharia law which is a legal structure within Islam. All these social changes, simplistic or complex are rooted in the Sharia order. An almost old order becoming a new. To think that a reformation of the Sharia's commands would be nothing short of foolish but here we are. Claim versus application, how they often are in contradiction.

To quote the Aga Khan, who is a Shia Islamic leader: "Western greed and ignorance is our greatest weapon". Now marry that to arrogance and frame it with an empathetic perceptive and you have the leftist. Not only a leftist but a engineer mark of gullibility.

How you can spot naivety is through the use of concepts and abstracts. A conservative minded individual will ask for conceptualization. A liberal most often will impose their preconceived notions as defining characteristics with ever asking for any form of confirmation. Add a sympathetic narrative and you have finalized the sales process.

In sum, we need to be informed consumers and understand that consumption comes in many forms and fashions, We are living in a time where culture is being deemed a resource and are meant to compete for market place dominance and supremacy.

Now take this notion of cultural competition and apply within a colonial framework. It is starting to look a lot like what we are experience in our own nation, society and communities.

It is time we think past what we want, to understand what it took, what it will be and a what cost. Join me for The Why Perspective, Theory and Practice, and Sapere Aude. Where we expose root principals at work so that we not only able to anticipate outcomes but are also reveal utility at every stage.

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