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They should be court-martialed

We have to start questioning loyalty, conformity, commitment, and identity of people.

The article linked below is regarding pilots not willing to fly Netanyahu to Italy. How is such refusal a consideration, especially if you are military personal. This is your leader.

For or against is the elephant in the room that is in dire need of being addressed and why is societies filled with so many oppositional actors.

Revealing the depth of this issue. One the one hand, people are willing to act and by extension mobilize for leaders. This putting a sense of statehood at risk and if I am not mistaken this is what all leaders wish to have.

We live in the era of tribalism. We have been fractured into greater and greater factions. Identify not resting on empty, superficial, and even made up characters.

We are living in a Nietzschean reality. We have lost asceticism and replaced it with fashion. Making identity and its presentation malleable, changing to with the seasons.

For those who are not attentive to it present fashion can get caught in a constant game of chase in an attempt to keep up. This game of chase is where utility exist for the interventionist.

It is the uncertainty of what comes next brought on by the unawareness of where today came from leads to a higher than normal naivety to bodies of claimed authority.

Now there is an organization that not only promotes social factions and invests in the institutionalization of the given factions. This institution has worked diligently in areas of research and applied engineering of political, social, economic spheres.

This organization has radicalized the ignorant and funded the greedy, creating mercenary like interest group community. It is this institution that unites these factions under mutual goals under the banner of civil society.

This institution is using these interest group member (woke culture) to pressure institution and industries in a point of strain. Than they present the strain as failing to the general population. Like any sensible group of people they demand for change.

Change is only sustainable if seen as coming by and for the. If change is seen as being influenced by or for a 3rd party is will be met with resentment with a higher probability of hostility.

This interest group (woke culture) pressure has been applied to institution and industry for over 4 decades. Pressuring incremental changes that lend themselves to complex social change.

Now we are at a point that our highest offices, our first and last line of defence have been infiltrated by the members of this organization and they are now in the seats of authority and control.

The fact that pilots, who work for the state, feel that they can refuse service to the leader of the state is a clear example of this organization seizing institutional power and control.

When will we address the centre fugal force driving our social, political, and economical issues. We know it and refer to this issues with the branding of Woke Culture.

What Woke Culture is, is an assembly of interest group communities. Some are outsider (foreign) groups but many are from within. From the fracturing of us into the many, mostly based on arbitrary characteristics.

The institution that brings unifies, consolidates, and mobilizes these interest groups (Woke Culture) to apply pressure and seek change is non other than the Global Centre for Pluralism and its Shia Muslim leader the Aga Khan.

I guess many of these changes we are seeing like the institutionalization of Sharia law is starting to make sense. This is a Muslim war strategy. Weaken a given population through fracturing it into factions.

Using greed and ignorance weaponize these groups against each other. As group reveal strength, you recommence the fracturing process. Than using these mercenaries you pressure them to have their identities institutionalize. This turning any strength into a weakness.

Now we have these institutionalized identities, all that is left is to use the markets and advertising to get the mercenaries of all groups, to scream the organizations slogans and march to the organizations trends.

This is war and factions radicalized by 'us' versus 'them' is the mercenaries pushing for complex social change within out lands. The change is seen by the fools as in their best interest but when the dust settles will be in the interest of your master; the one funding you.

The irony is, is that we are at war with each because our community leaders have projected what they are doing to us one those they want us to hate. Lets break free from those who claim to represent and speak on our behalf.

They have done nothing but turn us into a community and assets to generate personal gains; they are the greed lead. We have trusted and marched for them in the name of our best interest; we are the ignorant lead.

It is time to stop this generational cycle today and it starts by ending organization like the Global Centre for Pluralism, that masquerade bad intention and good will. Turn the one into the many, and radicalizing us as mercenaries of a new colonial era.

This piece was inspired by this article

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