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They establish community stakeholders and reduce us to an oppressed interest group

What I find most amazing about the story of these trucker convoy leaders like Tamara Lich is that they do no represent a resolution to our socio-political problems. Instead they represent us conforming to and becoming part of the problem.

This is what happens when you do not understand events in their principle form. Without address the root of the issue you respond to expressions of the issue and not he issues themselves.

As we can see, this is allowing for the enemy to position itself through community stakeholder (leaders) by way of a complex branding and characterization process.

This is how you engineer of a community leader.

Once a leader is established in the minds of the people, we the people, become nothing more than a funded interest group just like BLM, Feminist, LGBT, Antifa. With the community leader being the borrower and we the members becoming means to debt recovery.

These masters of tomorrow do not see debt recovery as a process of financial recovery. Rather, they seek social action and the create of opportunity and reveal the utility required to actualize change.

I hope people realize that the domestic population is the last community to finalize a financial system transition. Moving from a usury to a non-usury financial system. With lending being rooted in community, positioning the lender (NGO's) as the master or head of the financial system and community stakeholders as bank branches.

This is known as the empathetic economy with oppression as the prerequisite for lending and funding. This is literally the structure of the woke left are structured on and the right seems to be cheering on conformity. Screaming freedom while marching into enslave.

To quote the engineer of this economic sector: "western ignorance and greed is my greatest weapon". It is proving to be the case as we are demanding conformity to such a structure with the enemy who is quickly taking the helm of our community.

Just consider for a moment, we have staged events and media coverage that acted to unify us. They are drawing stakeholders (leaders) from our community that will tow the line in the name of consolidation, and once lending starts they own our mobilization as social action in response to debt recovery.

In sum, we are becoming another mercenary group of the left with a new rebranding. We are the last stand against these complex social, political, and economical changes and for some reason we are demand for our enemies desired outcomes.

This is another bait and switch scenario that I keep talking about and this time our new community stakeholders (leaders) are turning us into the problem and not a resolution that the many beleive to be fighting for. Resist appear to be synonymous with conform.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, complex social change is only sustainable it is seen as coming by and for the people. If a 3rd party is seen the driver, change will be met with hostility and aggression.

You are being manipulated and the likes of Tamara Lich is the grand marshal parading us into demanding for the changes our enemy seeks. That being the formation of us into a funded interest group that is owned by our lenders. Like all other interest groups the leaders harbour wealth for self but push the people into social action for debt recovery.

We are now and forever more becoming an oppressed group conforming to the structure of this empathic economy. Soon our master will be coming over the horizon and it is the people who demanded his mastery and all it took was a bait and switch ushered in by marketers.

This peice was inspired by this video

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