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They are institutionalizing Sharia law and we are screaming freedom and unity

While you scream freedom demand for rights that you already have, Islam is being institutionalized.

We now have institutionalized Sharia law with the department of Islamophobia. Canadians are clueless. While they screaming slogans and marching to trends we are being colonized.

To quote our soon to be new colonial master: "western ignorance and greed is our greatest weapon".

You are proving to be the most clueless people in the world. The world has literally paid American celebrities to wake you up and nothing. Than they paid European leaders to try and nothing.

You're are being smacked in the face with the wet bag of complex social change and your all lost.

I close with with this - idiots on the left are know as woke. Idiots on the right are know are awake. All the idiots are owned by the same marketer and all they did was change the label from past tense to present.

WOW! You all deserve a damn golf clap.

This piece was inspired by this article

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