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The value of a disability for social transitioning

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Let me start out with a question - what do you think of those who collect a government subsidy?

Like most, you look down at such a person with complete and utter disdain. I be right now you have a few choice words to direct at all those who are subsidized. Descriptors that come to mind are: lazy, useless, burden, loser, and just seen as an irrelevant cost to you an society as a whole.

Now I ask, would you be accepting of someone collecting a government subsidy if they were disabled?

Better yet, would you be willing to accept a government subsidy if you were disabled? What if their disability was a result of 3rd party interventionism?

Would that justify such a subsidy?

I ask this as nations, are attempting to transition society and politics under the branding of the great reset. I know many people have many notions regarding what is means and what will be.

Lets not get lost in the details as the answer is really quite simple. The great reset is a global transition into hereditary control of the religious and secular authority, Universal basic income is part of that new world order brought in by a generation change by the leaders of world and industry.

Don't buy into the scare tactics people are using for click bait. This is the great reset summarized in a couple sentences. Now in order to gain absolute power and control of all resources, you being one. These leaders understand that the many require a gain or a standard in order to relinquish such power and control.

Such standard is Universal basic income. They ensure living standard while we ensure they are our masters. The real issue lies in the fact that with such a transition comes with it the elimination of any and all forms of upwards mobility.

Your standards comes at the cost of the new generations. Do keep in mind it is not just upward mobility,. With absolute power, all standards can be removed at the whim of the masters.

Back to Universal Basic Income. Getting it to the people with acceptance is one of the most challenging issues. Now take a moment and reflect on the answer you gave to those questions at the start.

I can only assume what your answers were but I just consider for a moment your sense of self when others see you through that same lens. It is a state of being that the concepts by the other will reduce your own sense of self. Now imagine the effect and affect of how you, with that perspective framing would see yourself.

Your ego would disappear. Your notion self relative to the ID would be that of a subordinate state of mind. Your superego would be in overdrive pushing regulatory analysis into an endless deduction. Expressed as confusion, and submissiveness.

Characteristics that a master would find utility in but in a free and independent society they come at cost in both the short and long-term. Rendering the human condition a mess of psychosis and cognitive issues.

Which leads me to wonder. How would you get a person to transition into a system that would destroy them and their character? What has been validated in the last couple of years is that all it would take branding and calculated and systematic presentation of a given narrative. Introduce a virus and brand it, for the purpose of simplifying of retention and response by the masses. Have media present a resolution establish an emotional sense of urgency through the presentation of the most extreme complication.

The government than using its power to present a request as a demand push the public to act. This being achieved through the manipulation of our perceptions, that then influences our culture, driving our behaviour expression.

Following the conditioning phase you then act, having an unknown chemical cocktail into your body. The narrative shifts to the presentation of complications relating to the cocktail. This followed by the one of the most important stages Time span phase.

You must let time pass by. Let the characteristics and perspective arise from those who think they are vaccinated versus those who are not. Once concepts and notions are institutionalized, you then have the big reveal.

Revealing that the unknown cocktail you were coerced to put into your body has a flaw or issue. A complication if it were. Complications seem to the emphasis at each stage. The issue now will lead to a probability of complications.

With the medical industry fully aware, they and media have just stimulated a placebo effect. Driving not only concern but physiological expression of prescribed symptoms. Ironically, that which started this charade, is what will end it.

Now you or those you know are experiencing complication. What comes next. Remember, someone is accountable. That accountable party now is responsible for reparations.

Convenient and interesting how a few years prior to this pandemic we listened to an interest group scream reparations. Placing the term in the minds of the masses with a conceptualization.

Can you tell me. Outside of the narrative how does this notion of reparation and UBI differentiate?

So now under the guise of reparation your are receiving Universal Basic Income. The cause and resolution are but a balancing of cause and effect. A making good on a mistake per say. The transition achieved.

Now you are what you describe with such disdain and you are it without a cause or concern to your character. The more complex the agenda the longer and more deluded is the path which gets you there.

In sum, the elites generational change is achieved with desired outcome A.K.A. the NWO and you and I along with the rest of the masses not only met their biddings but in the process they made us think it is our choice and our actions that lead to the conclusion.

The greatest comedy never written. Rather a written reality.

I close with a question. How does this differentiate from a simulator? In a physical simulator reality is created. In a delusion, reality is simulated or rather created. Can you tell the difference. In the end it is an outside force that is make and breaking our reality.

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