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The unintentional consequences that are intentionally applied

I have to ask are you setting the stage for the 'us' versus 'them' regarding restitutions driving the general population to demand reparation payments. Can any see how this is shaping up to look like communism.

I fear that this is the means to fleece the people into signing into a new social contract and the reparation being the pen. This 'us' vs 'them' driving the people to demand such complex social change.

On a surface level I see the noble interest and intent. But, and this is a big but, the snowball effect of this process will pigeon hole the people into hereditary control or democratic socialism, communism. Whatever brand works for the reader.

I see criminal charges as being merited but to strain and exhaust institutional resources will lead those institutions into failure. Destroy and replace. With the institutions that make and define us turned to ash and the actors responsible free of accountability.

It the actors and decision makers who should hold accountability but this will present the institution as responsible. I ask how is a box of bricks responsible for anything?

Greater level strain lead to greater conformity due to necessity. It is this that will transition us into a Reich like end-state. Oh the irony, centralized control by way of ill intent masquerading as good will.

There is a causal chain taking place and people need to ask where is it leading us.

This Piece was inspired by this post on Facebook by Donny Murray.

I’m not sure how much losses I can claim given my circumstances litigating throughout covid, but I maintain Canadians can file class action suit for hundreds of billions in damages and civil liberty infringements pursuant to the error in the constitution act of 1982 (and charter therein) that I found. Time is ticking on the statute of limitations now tho. I don’t mind filing for this and possibly handing it off to a lawyer. There should be a 100+ billion dollar lawsuit against the feds and provinces and I can’t see one from where I sit in this country.

Anyone here suffered as a result of Covid restrictions and want some restitution? I’ll shell out for the filing fee on the class action, but I’d need a few other names of people with grievances that pertain to infringement of civil liberties to throw on there and this is easier than approaching people…

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