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The secret that everyone needs to know

People are really buying this Liberal Conservative dichotomy and in doing so you fail to see that each party is little more than a different path around the mountain. Each party will march us to the same end point or destination.

This political dichotomy is little more than a bait and switch routine and here is the secret that all citizen from everywhere and anywhere must come to understand immediately.

For complex social change to sustainable and lasting, it must be seek as come by and from the choices and actions of the people. If change is seen as a result of third party intervention, the change will be met by the people and for the people with hostility and aggression.

This is understood is the social sciences very well and many should now that the new age sociologist is a marketer. So when you are presented short comings and failings, understand that is the narrative manipulating the many into see them as the ushers of change.

Take true control and authority of our future and lets stop these leaders exploit our fears of what tomorrow may bring. True change by way of the people starts with the people understanding how we are being manipulated and played by those we celebrate and deem our authority.

This peice was inspired by this video

Pierre Poilievre's Just WON The Canadian Federal Election - YouTube

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