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The Reich's war machine in Ukraine

When someone thinks of a Nazi they think war and they characterize them with media rooted imagery of history or war. When they think neo-Nazi they think skin heads and Swastika tattoos. Now when media states there is no neo-Nazi issue those are the characteristic that one seeks out to identify if such an issue is present.

What if I said that the Reich is not a warrior class at all. All you preconceived nothing of what they are no longer characterize them as a group. They have traded military fatigues for Birkenstocks. They have traded their rifle for a protestors sign. They have traded their balaclava for a surgical mask. They have even gone as far as to rebrand, now labelled as civil society.

The new Reich, civil society seeks is seeking complex social change through institutional pressures and resource exhaustion. They work off a manipulation strategy. To quote Obama: "it is not black vs white, it is none white versus white. Now to even include many fractured members of the white community.

They fracture the one into the many in turn weakening the one as the many. This is to create a dizzying array of needs and wants. I ask if you cannot afford to go to war, is it not a smart strategy to get your enemy to fund your efforts. Each time a group demand reparations and they are received we have funded the enemy.

Through claims of oppression and exclusion they are infiltrating our institutions and allowing for the exhaustion of resources from within. Driving us into a 3rd world undeveloped state of being. As it is our institutions like education, policing, health that separate us from the undeveloped.

This is why many cannot see them. They hide in clear sight under a minority concept. Adding to the complexity is the fact that to see civil society as they are, a new age Reich, is to be that which they claim to be fighting against - hate

The public is so blind to this reality that to stand in opposition of civil society is to be the racist, the bigot and the misogynist, the oppressor. I ask how do you redefine a villain to be a hero and a hero to be a villain? Language is there strength and they us it like a weapon of war.

For this reason it is hard to identify the enemy as rebranding has them become anew in any given moment. As we have seen a advertising campaign is all that is needed. So when media says that Ukraine and Canada do not have a neo-Nazi issue we can agree because we don't see those stereotypical characteristics of shaved heads, with swastika tattoos.

We need to realize our issue is with the rebranding of the Reich into civil society. Like the Reich of Yesterday, the Reich of today has companions and these companions are represented by interest group community. The interest groups acting like a militia driving the institutional pressures leading to resource strain. The strain of funding the enemies war effort.

As stated many time before, the great reset can be summarized as the transitioning into hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. With all labour markets from professional to the untrained rooted in volunteerism.

Remember, it is not AI taking our jobs it is civil society and the volunteer that is. This is the new a Persian Reich. at the helm is the Aga Khan and all interest groups are his companions. Brough into the fold through non-repayment loans. As stated by the Aga Khan relating to his non-repayment loans: "change can take up to 15-20 years".

Let save the Ukraine by de-Nazifying them with the removal of civil society,

This piece was inspired by this article

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