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The Reich has rebranded as Civil Society

Staging hate crimes and expressions of hate in order to project identity onto others. The German 3rd Reich under Hitler and the Aga Khan the 3rd see race differently. The Germans seen it as a weakness. Where as, the Persian see it as a strength. In that it makes us weak though empathetic reasoning. It is utility related to interest and intent.

The Persian 4th Reich under Aga Khan 4th see race as tools, used to apply institutional, social, and political pressure seeking complex social change. This is being done through interest group communities which have been branded as civil society.

As I say, if you focus on yesterday you miss today. This statement lends itself the the reality of contemporary Interest group communities. They are enslaved by communities leaders in the today by way of those same community leaders creating mantra's focusing the community on events of yesterday.

This enslavement of the interest group community members is due to the fact that your community leaders have been receiving non-repayment loans for over 4 decades off your backs in relation to future action. An investment into an action potential by the ignorant and greed led.

Let me explain. The leader of the Persian 4th Reich, is a religious leader and as such is prevented from using usury. Meaning his loans are not given with the intent of financial recovery as there is not value of profit available. Rather he is seeking out social action. BLM, is a great example of such enslavement.

To quote the leader of the Persian 4th Reich: "Western greed and ignorance is my greatest weapon". Meaning that groups such as BLM represent the ignorant and greed lead. Acting out with the interest of changing their plight, When in actuallity, your actions are pursuant of complex social change and the Reich's agenda.

That being, complex social change, transitioning free democratic nations into hereditary based nations with volunteer based industries. Does that differentiate from enslavement outside of wording.

Basically while you community leaders have you out marching to a Pied Pipers tune in the name of your community and causes. You are pressuring the presence and enrollment of a foreign interventionist. Who will enslave you and I like your ancestor of yesterday.

Don't buy into the false promises and empty dreams. This is how he and your community leaders have and are manipulating you and executing a bait and switch on your communities as a whole.

Obama best describe interest group communities when he said it is not black versus white. It is non-white versus white. I would go one step further and expand that to include many aggregate communities from within the white community.

Now don't take me for a racist. Me writing this proves I care more for your than you do for yourselves. I am the only one will to tell you the truth. In hopes of saving not one but the many.

We need to rid the world of Nazi's...sorry civil society. It is civil society that hold binds us into a us versus them dynamic. It is a cancer we all need to abort. I say this as we are covering on The Why Perspective an institution founded by the leader of the Persian 4th Reich.

It agenda is seeking complex social change. It is doing so through the fracturing of us as a one into factions of us as many. Than through that action potential institutionalizes this us versus them. With the removal of civil society is to transition from us versus them to us and them.

I speak of us and them as we are different on many of levels but there is one level we will never be able to escape from as we are victim to the lowest common denominator. That being the superficial. We have to embrace our differences as one man's strength is another man's weakness. Bring us together we are unstoppable tear us into the many, it is than possible to carrel, coerce, and force anything onto anyone.

This will inevitable evolve into tribalistic warfare, As stated by the Aga Khan there has never been a place or time where pluralism has not ended in violent tribalism. Now what might such utility might such insight and creation render?

A globalist leader would see their nation based citizens as the enemy. Justin Trudeau is a globalist and claims that diversity is our strength. I would say it is a strength so long as violent tribal warfare is your method to weaken the overarching society in the name of colonization.

In sum Trudeau is a Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4th Reich and his master is the Aga Khan. Civil Society is their militia, pressuring institutions and resources to a point of exhaustion that seizure becomes a cheap and cheerful process.

Under a global banner they are seeking to colonize nations such as Canada and the Ukraine. Transitioning us from a free democracy into a hereditary based community with industry based on volunteer labour.

I know many are say I sound like a broken record. I do because Canada is being replaced by civil society and colonized. We already have. We are now fighting to get it back.

It is time we take it all back. I ask, who is with me in solving our real issue on a center fugal forces level?

This piece was inspired by this video

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