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The quiet war taking place on an institutional level

I have said it before and here I go again. The Ukraine conflict is a bait and switch strategy.

Ukraine isn't in a conflict they are in the demolition stages of development. You are ask why would this be development. It is worth a lot to colonize the world and the Ukraine is the nation used as the bait and switch.

Now with the demolition taking place....sorry conflict taking place many socialist nations want to enroll as NATO members.

This about this for a moment. NATO the international securities agency that works to maintain and expand personal freedoms will be influenced and guided by socialist leaders.

Can anyone see the outcome of such enrollment....So that which is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of freedoms will become the agency forcing hereditary control and the enslavement of the people.

To quote the one at the helm: "western ignorance and greed is my greatest weapon".

Thanks to everyone proving him right. You failure to even ask a question will soon have NATO fight to institutionalize our new master. Get ready to a take a knee, as our new master will soon be arriving.

Welcome the Persian 4th Reich.

This piece was inspired by this video

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