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The only group prevented from being defined as a victim - Why Pat King Why

During the inquest, which was a circus of distraction. Why was Pat King prevented by his own council from redefining the Trucks as victims?

He stated that there were people throwing rocks from high-rises onto the the Truckers. Why when he was presenting this as fact was he prevented from even finishing his statement.

All these villainous groups seeking to pressure our institutions and industries into strain and exhaustion leading to complex social change are always redefined as victims.

That is the nature of this victimhood tactic, eliminated wrong doing or redirecting accountability.

I close by stating this. To prevent him from revealing truth within the courts is a disservice to the people, a breech of professional ethics, and a manipulation of the people.

I wish Pat King would speak on this and answer why?

This piece was inspired by a Facebook posting by Matt Crouse

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